About Us

Here at P&C, we believe that women play a far greater role in creating their lives than they realize. We are here to help you tap into your power and get you closer to your highest potential. 

Our Mission

Prim & Clove is a small business on a MIGHTY mission: to help you become the best version of yourself. The person you know you are meant to be, the person you intend to become "one day". We are here to kindly and boldly nudge you to become your "one day" self, today. Now. 

We create highly functional, organized, sophisticated bags for women without sacrificing aesthetics or style. That stuff matters too, and adds a polished touch that feels incredible. 


Meet The Team 

Farah Budd- Owner

Hello! I'm Farah, owner and designer at Prim & Clove. I'm a wife and mom of three who had been in limbo for years. I was waiting to become my future self, waiting to make the big changes, including: bravely leaping into a new career that would invigorate me, improving my daily habits, and even surrounding myself with like-minded people. I knew-- or had hoped-- that this would happen some day in the future. These were just dreams I held onto for "one day."



After becoming a mother, and with some life experience behind me,  I realized how fleeting life is, and how precious every moment is. I jolted one day in 2021 and said to myself, "what am I waiting for?" From then on, I decided that I would make decisions unapologetically (and kindly), that would serve my life and push me to grow. For being my best self would allow me to confidently show up and be present in life, and would result in becoming impactful in this world. I now know that what is important is not my role or my destination, but my growth and evolution. And I intend to never stop evolving. 

I decided from then on that I set my own standards. I choose to create my life, rather than passively observe it happening to me. I want to encourage you and show you that you can do the same.

Friends, careers, habits, who you surround yourself with, what thoughts you hold onto and what noise you consume- it all holds power. And you have an active role in shaping all of this.

If any of my story resonates with you, and you are feeling the nudge or urge to live a more fulfilling, authentic life, then this could be your story too. My passion is to help empower and uplift women towards a life that more closely resembles the one they dream of. You can be astounded and delighted by who you are becoming. Today. Now. 





Sarah Pazdernik - Operations

Hi! I’m Sarah, Operations Manager and Designer here at Prim & Clove. I am a mom of 3, wife and passionate about being the best version of myself! Prim & Clove allows me to combine my love of fashion with my passion for supporting others and helping them put their best foot forward. When I’m not dreaming up our next idea or connecting with our customers, you can find me spending time outdoors, making healthy meals and enjoying family time.