Caring for Your Leather Bag

She’s here! You’ve got your dream bag in your hand and now you want to keep her looking fresh! We’ve got you. We have put together some do’s and don’ts for your new bag to keep her looking great!


Before using your bag we recommend applying a leather conditioner (directions below) to help protect it from superficial scratches and scuffs. 

Waterproofing- While it is impossible to completely protect leather from water and other liquids, applying a leather wax will help act as a barrier from moisture

After you've worn your bag for a month or so, it's going to lose some of its original luster. A good rule of thumb when caring for any of your leather goods: reapply leather conditioner every few months, or as needed.


Applying Leather Conditioner 

  • Apply the conditioner liberally with a soft cloth and allow to dry. Gentle, circular strokes are best when applying the conditioner.
  • Buff the dry leather lightly with a dry cloth  
  • We recommend this leather conditioner, as it meet our high standards, *affiliate link 




Scratches and scuffs will happen. They add character and individuality to each piece.  Conditioning your leather will help reduce the dryness that can make leather more susceptible to scratches, much like how we moisturize our own skin. Below are a few quick tips to manage and deal with scratches:

  • Clean the leather and smooth it out with conditioner- the leather conditioner linked above will take care of both cleaning and conditioning
  • Repeat, if necessary


While all stains are different the best way to protect your bag against them is to regularly condition the leather to act as a preventative barrier. We have included some home remedies below for the most common stains but if they do not work, we recommend taking your bag to a leather care specialist for professional treatment. 

Grease- Experts recommend blotting the spot with cornstarch.

Ink- Do not try to remove it yourself as it will often only make it worse. Take your bag to a leather repair shop and they may be able to remove it. 

Water- Thankfully water spills tend to dry naturally without much assistance but if not, buff out any residual spots with conditioner.

Lining- Can be cleaned with a gentle soap and washcloth



Bags that are not in use every day should be stored away from direct sunlight and preferably covered to protect from dust. To preserve the bag’s shape, you can fill it with anything bulky like towels or sweaters. Make sure not to use newspaper as the print on it can rub off onto the leather.


As leather ages it begins to develop more natural markings and get softer over time. Older leather is softer, stronger and has a slightly different smell than newer leather. Natural leather patina develops with age, the sun, natural body oils, dirt and the environment. Patina is the gorgeous finish that leather develops as it ages and is part of what makes each bag so unique. 

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